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About Kathleen Burg, Director of Artstreams


Artstreams was created by Kathleen Burg in response for a support group by a small group of concerned Alzheimer's caregivers in 2008. Since then, under her guidance, it has developed a unique approach that focuses on Taos County families dealing with dementia. "I love what I do
and so admire the caregivers, who are an amazing group of people."


Kathleen became involved with her first support group as part of artist Judy Chicago's Feminist Studio 

Workshop in the 1970's. She worked as part of a team of art historians to break down the barriers against

women artists through education and exposure which brought the rich diversity of women's art to a

national audience.


Under her leadership, the Chesed Project's Apoyos Para Los Cuidadores was recipient of a national award

from the Rosalind Gilbert Innovations in Alzheimer's Disease in 2008. Her goal is to contribute, in a unique

and creative way, to an ideological shift in the way we and institutions view and deal with dementia and bring exposure and strategies to the caregivers within the Alzheimer's families.


Kathleen received her M.A. from Goddard College, Vermont/Los Angeles 1978. She brings an extensive background in non-profits, program development, grant writing, advocacy and cross-pollination to her work. She has written over twenty three articles on aging for Hakol and other publications. 

For more than 10 years, Kathleen has been a member of the "Moonlight Ladies," an all-women's A Cappella group, and sings and plays in "Jenny Vincent's Last Note" band whose focus is New Mexican Folk Music.


Kathleen is also writing a series of essays dealing with LOSS, HEALING AND A STATE OF GRACE: ESSAYS ON MORTALITY 2020 – 2022, which will be published in the near future. 

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